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I just joined and I cannot sleep due to the uncertaintity of the future of my children and

jes1982 started this conversation
I just joined and I cannot sleep due to the uncertaintity of the future of my children and I financially. We have come along way in so many aspects of our lives. We have grown as a family, emoitionally, spiritually and financially. At one point (just 2 yrs ago) we were in a homeless shelter and I was battling alcoholism. Since then I have gotten back on my feet and been sober for over a year and given birth to a beautiful baby boy. I found my faith in God that had been lost for so long and it keeps me going now when things seem to be falling apart all over again but only financially. I am very blessed to be able to say that we as a family are stronger than ever and I am still clean and sober and being the best mom I can be. Unfortunately I am now faced with an eviction notice that needs to be paid by the 6th of July or I fear we will be back in a shelter which I just cannot fathom at this point in our lives. I had a complicated pregnancy at the end and was put on bed rest for the last 2 months of my pregnancy. Unfortunately my pt job based mostly on commission does not offer paid maternity leave so now I am flat broke and $1080 behind on rent. I have called every resource in my county and funding is so slim no one will help us. I have already sold many things in our home just to keep our head above water and pay for necessities. I cannot do this on my own and I dont know what to do or where to turn. I pray every day and night hoping for an answer and I try to hand my burdens over to God and have faith that things will go as He has planned, but as the days grow closer to my eviction hearing, I cant help but be scared and stressed. Thanks for letting me vent. On that note, I need to get some sleep before my little guy wakes up hungry. lol
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Blessings to you friend. Cast your care unto God. Sometimes we place God dead last if at all in our lives when he should be first. I have prayed for you.
Our answer may not be Gods answer, but rest assured Gods answer will benefit us to bring him glory. His answer will bless us in the end
Let me know what God does. I love to hear testimonies.
Do you attend local church in York?
I can recommend 2. I attend these 2
I'm going through difficult times, but I'm coming through it.
God hadnt failed me yet! ; )
Shalom. Love, blessings,
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